In recent times, a fairly new proprietary trading firm has gained popularity amongst the western trading community because of its unique funded trader programs and vision to dig out the skilled traders who cannot earn enough profit due to a lack of funding capital to trade. This new prop trading firm is E8 Funding.

Founded in

November 5, 2021


1. Dallas, Texas: E8 Funding LLC 100 Crescent Ct, Unit 700, Dallas, TX 75201, United States
2. Prague, Czech Republic

Trading Instruments

Forex, Commodities, Indexes, Equities, and Cryptocurrencies



Min-Max Funding Capital

$25,000 to $250,000

Profits Share

Up to 80% (90% with scale-up)

Scale-up Plan

Up to $1 million on monthly condition



Customer Support

Live Chat, Email 

Payout Options

Crypto payout, PayPal, Bank Transfer, International and Domestic Wire.

Free Trial



Account Overview, trading platform, Ladder Board, Contact Opportunities, FAQ Sections

In this article, we are reviewing E8 Funding with a detailed description of their funding programs and profit-earning opportunities.


E8 Funding was founded on November 5, 2021, with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Prague, Czech Republic. They are offering $1 million in scale-up funding options with up to an 80% profit split. E8 Funding has access to tier-1 liquidity providers, which allows them to offer a comfortable trading environment for its traders.

Offered Account Types

E8 Funding offers two types of funding models with comparatively high subscription fees.

1. E8 Account

Screenshot 20 1

2. ELEV8 Account

Screenshot 21

The Funding Process with E8 Funding

As is the industry standard, there are two phases that traders need to pass before they get the funded account and the opportunity to withdraw their profits. There are certain rules to follow in each phase to upgrade to the new level.

Phase 1 1

Profit Share

With the E8 Funding prop firm, after achieving the real funded account, traders will be eligible to withdraw their profit within 8 days if they are in profit. 

From the very beginning of their trading journey with the funded account of E8 Funding, traders can earn 80% of the profit share on whatever profit they make. 

With the ELEV8 model, traders can earn up to 90% with the scale-up plan.

Scale-up Plan

E8 is offering a tricky and tough scale up plan for its traders. 
The plan is to, 

– Successfully pass the two assessment phases

– Withdraw 80% of any profits made on the Funded Account

– Make a monthly account growth of 16%

– The account will be increased to $100,000 per month until the capital reaches $1 million

– When you scale up your account to $500k, you will be able to earn 90% of your profits

E8 Funding Reputation

E8 has a very well-known reputation in the trade market. On Trustpilot, E8 Funding has nearly 4.7 ratings.

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Support System


While directly communicating with the E8 Funding support team, we get immediate responses every time. Therefore, according to our experience, E8 Funding’s support team is one of the best in the trade market.

Although it has not been in the market for a long time, E8 Funding has achieved a great reputation due to its active support system and consistent payout opportunities. 

After going through all of their trading offerings and directly communicating with the E8 Funding traders, we recommend only highly skilled traders join this proprietary trading firm. Because E8 Funding is not comfortable for novice traders, it is also not suitable for traders with moderate trading skills. Ending on a positive note, the new prop firm, E8 Funding, is a well-constructed platform to rely on as they use their server and open the gateway to the tier-1 market liquidity for the traders to be well prepared during any market volatility.

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