MoneyBackFX: A Rebate Solution For Traders

Isn’t it great if you get a portion of your money back from the broker even after you lose a trade? How would you feel about having a second source of income in the form of rebate money while trading in the forex market? What would you do if you found out that a broker would refund your money if you closed trades at a loss?
Here, we’ll talk about how you can have an additional and assured source of income in the forex market. Many traders are still unaware of the cashback rebate system in forex trading. So let’s jump into it.

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What does “REBATE” mean in forex trading?

When you affiliate with a broker, they give you a certain spread number or state how much variable spread you might be dealing with them. This spread is the fees or commission of the broker, and it is the definite income of theirs whether you lose a trade or win.
In terms of rebate, after deducting their commission (which is deducted from each and every trade), the broker returns a certain amount of fees to you. At the end of each trade, when a commission is returned to the trader’s account, it is known as a “rebate fee.” Forex rebates are a part of the transaction cost that is given back to the client on every trade. This lowers the spread and improves the client’s win rate. This payout is usually disbursed at the end of every trading cycle (4 weeks of trading days). 

Let me explain how it works,

Most forex brokers pay the rebate as part of their commission spread. For example, the broker states, they will charge a spread of 1.50 pips for the EUR/USD pair. With the rebate solution, the broker is offering you a 0.50 pips spread as a return on each trade. This is the rebate rate. The rebate rate is the interest that the broker pays back to the trader when cash is invested. And the rest, 1.00 pips, is the net spread (the commission of the broker). 
Suppose, you are trading EUR/USD pairs and the rebate rate is 0.5 pips then you will get a rebate of $5.0/standard lot. When you trade a total of 10 lots, you will get $50 as rebate money. Moreover, if your monthly trades are 40 lots, you will get a monthly forex rebate of 40 lots*$5.0 = $200.

Traders can even get rebates of $1.00 to $4.00 per lot traded! A Forex rebate is an extremely effective way to boost your profits, because you can get real money back on every trade you make. And it is assured that you will get some money back on every trade you make. 
With rebate, profits are unlimited and it depends on your trading volume and the broker’s rebate rate. The more you trade, the more you earn. It is a highly recommended method by veteran traders to use forex rebates.

So, Which Rebate Provider Should You Choose? 

Do you want a trusted rebate provider to pay you on time and provide you with 24/7 support when needed?

Then we have the perfect solution for you.

MoneyBackFX is the last destination for you if you are thinking of getting your rebate money back from now on. They have affiliations with almost every prominent broker in the market. You can have multiple accounts with multiple brokers and gain a real rebate from MoneyBackFX for trading in all of them at

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Follow just a few steps and start getting rebate money with MoneyBackFX today.
1. Register for an account at FOR FREE.
2. Link your new or existing forex trading account.
3. Earn money back from every trade, whether you lose or win in a trade.
As a MoneyBackFX client, you can earn extra on every trade you close. Choosing MoneyBackFX as your rebate provider is more profitable than opening a trading account with a broker directly.
So don’t be late! Start earning cash while trading from now on.

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