Telegram Channels for Forex Signals are simple hacks for trading success. However, finding the right Forex Signal Provider and joining their thousands of members is not easy. There are plenty of scammers waiting to take advantage of this hodgepodge. We’ve gathered a list of the Best Forex Signals Telegram Channels in this article.

Best Forex Signals Telegram Rankings 2022

RankForex Signals TelegramMemberMonthly Pips GainChannel Features
1PriceAction Ltd.300k+Claims – 8000+
Actual – 7300+
1. Free Signals
2. Projections 
3. Educational Materials
4. Complete Breakdown Analysis
5. Fundamental Knowledge
2Pips 3071,732Claims – 4000+
Actual – 3400+
1. 5 Scalping Signals every day

2. 80% winning accuracy
3MegaFXsignals65,765Claims – 7000+
Actual – 5600+
1. Free Signals Everyday
2. Download Telegram App
3. 80%+ Accuracy
4. 700+ Pips Weekly Target
5. 2500-4000+ Pips Monthly Target
4AltSignals54,396Claims – 4000+
Actual – 3400+
1. Free Signal
2. Signal Analysis

Claims – 3000+
Actual – 2600- 2800+
2 Free Signals per week with Almost 83% Accuracy

Best Forex Signals Telegram Reviewed

Finding the right signal provider and the right signal telegram channel to enhance one’s trading experience is not easy. The best forex signals Telegram channels for 2021 are discussed here to steer you in the right direction.

PriceAction Ltd

After researching almost 200 forex signal providers and their telegram channel, we found PriceAction Ltd. the best and listed them on top according to their result, frequency, accuracy and telegram channel features.

priceactionltd free forex signals telegram

PriceAction Ltd. has been on the market for four years, and the staff has combined trading expertise of more than ten years. There are free and VIP signal telegram channels available. We’ve explored both options. They deliver 5-7 signals every week in the free signal telegram channel and 5 signals per day in the VIP channel. After monitoring their free channel, we noticed that they provide specifics on every trade they make, including the Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit. According to them, their weekly aim is 2000 pips, so that their clients can profit regardless of account size.


  • Regular free signals
  • 90% legit Accuracy
  • Regular Market and Trade analysis
  • Free Projection
  • Trade details on the Telegram Channel
  • Signal Result Transparency


  • They don’t provide trade analysis video regularly

Pips 30

Pips 30 is a well-known forex signal service whose only source of validity is its Facebook page. They don’t have a website, but they do provide signals through a Telegram channel.

pips30 forex signals telegram

Pips 30’s Telegram Channel has almost 70 thousand members. Throughout the day, the channel is fairly active. They claim to send 5-7 free signals per day, but we couldn’t find any such frequency on the free channel, though the most popular posts in the channel are to join their VIP channel. We also checked out the VIP telegram channel, where they post somewhat accurate but infrequent forex signals. We’ve seen them hit 3400 pips per month, despite their claim of 4000 pips per month. The good side of Pips 30 is that they post-analysis both in Free and VIP channels.

Pros :

  • FREE Signals
  • Analysis
  • Signal Result Transparency

Cons :

  • No Free Projection
  • No Frequent Signals in Free Channel as promised
  • Pips gain are not up to the claim


MegaFXsignals is one of the most popular forex trading signal providers. They’ve been on the market for about two years and have quickly earned a reputation among traders for their incredible performance and precision.

megafx free forex signals telegram

MegaFXsignals has more than 65 thousand members in their free channel. Throughout the day, the channel is highly busy, and they frequently provide free signals with trade information such as the Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit. Following comprehensive research of the free channel, we identified that they also provide free trade and market analysis. Our research, on the other hand, has found a few favorable impacts from their VIP Channel. They consistently provide 5-7 daily signals with a 90% accuracy rate in the VIP channel. We have verified the authenticity of signals. 

Pros :

  • Frequent Signals
  • 90% Signal Accuracy
  • Trade and Market Analysis
  • Trade Details with Signals

Cons :

  • They send too much signals


AltSignals is a well-known signal provider in the Forex market. They began operations in 2017 and have successfully serviced clients with a fair level of overall performance since then.

Altsignals forex telegram

AltSignals’ free Telegram channel has around 55 thousand members. In the free telegram channel, they send signals quite often. Our study also found that they have a channel where users can get free analyses and also identified that they barely touch 3400+/- pips every month, despite their claims of gaining 4000 pips per month. The results are not also open to the public.

Pros :

  • FREE Signals
  • Analysis

Cons :

  • Irregular Signals
  • No Free Projection
  • No results Transparency found


RTB PIPS is a rising and promising forex signal service provider in telegram. They are specialized in major forex currency pairs and gold. They have quite a good frequency of sending signals every day. We’ve noticed them sending a couple of signals on every pair. The free signal quality is also mentionable. Our research team found the accuracy to be as much as 83%.

RTB Pips

RTB PIPS has almost 29k members in their telegram channel. Although they share different strategies and trading methods in the channel, they haven’t been found to be providing any market or trade analysis. However, the signal results are quite satisfying according to their claim. They claim to gain 3000 pips a month but in reality they could maintain around 2800 each month which is a decent tally according to their scale. 

Pros :

  1. Free forex signals
  2. Trade Information
  3. Results are publicly available

Cons : 

  1. Pips gain are not up to their claim

How Do Forex Signals Telegram Channel Work?

sl and tp

Forex Trading Signals Telegram is a Telegram Platform that allows users to receive signals. Signals are created by a signal provider performing technical and fundamental research. Then they use the “Telegram” messaging platform to send those signals to their clients or subscribers. They share trade information such as SL (Stop-Loss), TP (Take Profit) on their telegram channel (Take-Profit). The information can then be simply copied and pasted into a trader’s trading platform.

Advantages of Joining the Best Forex Signal Telegram Channel

Joining the Best Forex Signal telegram has lots of advantages. As you may be informed, we identified PriceAction Ltd. as the best forex signal service in this article. We’ve created a list of the advantages of joining a credible signal provider.

  • Joining a signal provider improves your trading performance, and joining them on Telegram makes it easy to receive real-time signals.
  • The platform allows you or a subscriber to quickly obtain trade information, market analysis, and trade analysis.
  • For a trader, the best Forex Signal Provider, such as PriceAction Ltd., offers market projection, signal accuracy, and plenty of other features that are like a hot knife through butter.

How to Choose the Best Forex Telegram Channel for You?

There are a few ways to check if a Forex Signal Telegram Channel is authentic. A trader should read reviews on various platforms to see if they are reliable in terms of providing signals and what people are saying about them. Apart from that, in order to select the best Telegram Channel, one must determine whether the results they claim to have are as accurate as they claim or not. However, a trader must first join their free signal telegram channel before joining any signal provider. The top signal provider will often have a high frequency of free signals with 90% accuracy.

How to Get Started with the Best Forex Signal Telegram Channel

Step 1: Install Telegram

telegram install

Step 2: Join free forex signals telegram Channel

join forex signals free channel

Step 3: Sign up premium forex signals telegram

premium forex signals telegram

Forex Signal Telegram Channel – Conclusion

Joining the best forex trading signals Telegram channel will help you maximize your trading profits. Remember that if you want the signals to work for your trading goals, you must pay attention to the details and analysis – don’t just blindly accept the signals you receive. Take responsibility for your actions. Trade in a logical manner.

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