was established in 2012 by the founder Nick McDonald. In order to expand knowledge on forex trading, he created a community network full of diversified traders to help each other grow.
It offers a trading room that is quite an effective platform to discuss and get educated about forex trading opportunities. They have professional mentors and they usually send support to traders via YouTube, live chats, email, trade room etc. They have a reputation for sending high-quality signals and have so far helped over 83,000 traders.
A lot is there to understand about ForexSignals service. Let’s find out more from this review. service summary

– 24/7 live trading room for world-class trading education.
– providing best forex signals.
– forex guidelines with daily 200+ hours video lessons.
– professional mentors.
– interactive quizzes for learning forex trading.
– 7-day refund is available.
– bonuses are available depending on your choice of broker

Types of trading strategies they offer

3 basic ForexSignals strategies offered to their members:

– Naked Trading Strategy
– FX Propulsion Strategy
– Trend Surfing Strategy

The service plans & 7-day free trial

forexsignals pricing plan

These are the general offers they provide for traders and their one-year subscription plan is quite popular. One thing that is very inconvenient about their service is that they offer free trials only for 7 days. This time period is too short to help become a good strategic trader in the long run. The time span should be long enough for any trader to gain a good level of experience in trading. The 1st monthly subscription offer is quite expensive for any beginner.

Prices of plans:

– The Apprentice – $97 monthly
– The Committed – $297 every 6 months
– The Professional – $567 Yearly Free & Paid Signals

Do they actually provide any signals? The answer is yes. They provide both free and paid signals from their coaches & community members. They give good guidance on trading on their trial platforms but don’t focus on keeping any evidence regarding signals.
Ironically, their service name says ‘’ but they don’t have any single proof of any signal results to show us. It will be wrong if we say that they are transparent.

forexsignalscom support message

support message

(Note: Identity of the customer care agent is not disclosed as we mean no harm to anyone through this review.)

ForexSignals Trading tools

These are some great trading tools they offer that support well with any trading strategies. They don’t directly allow you to know more details about their trading tools. Only members can have access to their trade room where you will be provided with all resources you need.  Daily live streams, a global chat room, forums, blogs, 200+ Forex educational videos, indicators & trade signals, all these are accessible through membership only.  They basically focus on teaching people how to trade more than giving out signals.

forexsignals tools

Additional Resources

As you can see from the screenshot, they provide no extra useful resources to help in efficient trading, apart from their trading tools. Once you sign up for their membership, only then can you get full access to all its available resources.

support message


Some downsides of ForexSignals service:

  • Untimely live streams
  • A monthly subscription plan is not sufficiently useful
  • They didn’t show any precise free signals or paid results on their website.
  • You will not get any personal trading feedback 
  • Can’t get access to any personal mentor support 
  • You can get access to entire offers, only when you sign up for its year-long professional membership at £439.
  • Trading courses are only good for newbies or intermediate-level traders.
  • They provide full lessons in the live trading room but it is confusing to see what their ‘Trading Education’ option exactly does.
  • The monthly fee is quite expensive compared to the annual subscription discount fee
  • No updated blogs of forex trading on their site

Indefinite customer experience

forexsignals trustpilot review 1forexsignals trustpilot review 2

It is not that they get constant bad reviews, but they do have the good ones as well. Some customers showed mixed reactions and are quite unsure whether to stay forever committed to them or not.

Actually, their lack of transparency created some negative impacts on other traders. So these review screenshots show us the problems. They need to work better on their service to resolve customer problems, though they promptly respond to any customer queries on time. There is a huge difference in responding quickly as compared to solving issues quickly.

Summarizing it all

The team of has great potential to excel in the forex business. Their trading room is quite interactive according to sources and highly appreciated by many traders worldwide. However, they have certain limitations that need extra care and do need to improve on resolving customer issues. I’m impressed by their overall social networking systems. They clearly lack transparency on many levels and the service is still not up to the mark for recommending it to everyone.  

Our Rating

Strategy: 4/10

Result: 2/10

Client Feedback: 4/10

Customer Support: 3/10

Average Rating: 3.3

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