FundedNext is one of the fastest-growing proprietary firms in the year 2022. Launched in March, this very new prop firm has gained massive popularity among the trading community. They are the very first prop firm to offer a 15% profit share from the assessment phases with the traders. Although it has been just 4 months since they launched, within this time, FundedNext has had a lot to compete with the prop sharks like FTMO, My Forex Funds, etc. 

Founded In18th March, 2022.
Operational Offices in UAE, Bangladesh
Trading InstrumentsForex, Indices, Commodities
Offered Capital $15,000 to $200,000
Scale Up Amount$4 million
Profit Share15% with the Demo Trading,
up to 90% with the Funded Account
PlatformMeta Trader 4
Live Chat

Globally launched on 18th March, 2022, FundedNext’s mother company, NEXT Ventures, was testing and trying out the feasibility of establishing a prop firm for 2 years beforehand. NEXT Ventures is a technologically robust venture builder company, serving traders’ needs and demands for the past 7 years. After experiencing massive success with locally funded traders with trading capital, FundedNext has gone global in the year 2022. 

FundedNext has, from the very beginning, been very active on different social media platforms, their marketing strategies and directly reaching out to the customers. Offering up to $200,000 as the funding capital and a $4 million scale-up plan, FundedNext’s has marked its name as the best client support, dedicated account manager, and fastest payouts among the traders. 

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For the past 3 months, we have been trading with FundedNext, and have already provided many updates on our website. Today, we will be talking in detail about our experience with FundedNext and how their service is.

The Offered Accounts

FundedNext is offering 2 types of Funding Models, Evaluation and Express.

Evaluation Model

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Express Model

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One Time Payment

Compared to many prop firms, FundedNext’s fees are very affordable. They have a refund policy; when we received our first payout with the Express Model real account, we got the extra $699 as a refund of the purchase fees.

Profit Share

FundedNext is offering a 15% profit share from the demo phase and up to 90% with the funded account, 
There are a few layers of profit-shares with FundedNext. 

Express Model

With the Express model, while you are trading in the demo, you can withdraw 15% of your demo trading every month till you reach a 25% profit target. 
We purchased the $100,000 Express Account.

 – After 4 trading weeks, we profited $9,000 and withdrew $1,350. We met just 9% of the profit target. We received an Elite Trader certificate.
– Within the next 2 weeks, we profited by $17,000 and withdrew $2,550. Finally, we achieved the 25% profit target.
– Then we received our funded account.
– After trading on a real account for 4 weeks, we received a 90% profit from what we made. We received the extra 15% refund along with a Crown Trader certificate. 
– We are in our second month of trading in a funded account, and within a week, we will receive another payout. 


Evaluation Model

With the Evaluation model, while you are trading in the demo, you can earn 15% of your trading profit, but this profit can only be withdrawn on the first payout of the trade in a funded account. 

– During phases 1 and 2, you must earn 15% to be eligible for a funded account.
– After receiving the funded account, you must trade for a month to ask for a profit share. 
– With the Evaluation Model, on the first payout, you will be withdrawing a 15% profit share from the demo phase, a refund of the purchase amount, and an 80% share of the profit you make in a month with the funded account. 


Payout methods include Perfect Money, USDT/Tether, BTC, and Deel (Bank Transfer, Coinbase, PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, Wise, and Deel Card). 

Express Model

During the assessment phase and trading with a funded account, you can withdraw your profit monthly.

Evaluation Model

1. During the assessment phase, there is no payout option.
2. After trading for a month with a funded account, you can withdraw your first profit. 
3. Then, every two weeks, you can withdraw your profit on demand.

Scale-up Plan

FundedNext is famous for its scale-up plan. They are offering $4 million as the scale-up amount with the skilled traders. 
The condition—

FundedNext reviews the scale-up plan every 4 months in a real account. You must need to meet at least 10% account growth accumulatively in four consecutive months in a real account. In these four consecutive months, you need to make a minimum of two payouts, and your last month should end in a profit. Eligible traders will get a 40% account balance increase of up to 4 million.

Customer Support and Account Manager

During these 3 months of trading with FundedNext, we have had one of the best customer experiences with this form. After signing up, we have constantly been in contact with our account manager, Tahbid Abdi. They are consistently helping us with every little need we have. Although we think it’s due to the large geographical gap, the response is sometimes received with a delay. Other than that, we have nothing bad to say about the constant support we are getting.

Review and Reputation

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FundedNext is one of the greatest prop competitors in the market. We can foresee limitless success for the firm.  As we are trading with them for a very short amount of time, we will look deep to find the demerits of FundedNext. We will be constantly updating this here. If you are considering being a prop trader with flexible trading rules and earning money, even with a demo account, visit their website and purchase their model now. 

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