“Proprietary firms” is a term that forex traders are all too familiar with. Many skilled traders have the potential to benefit from the forex market, but they lack sufficient capital. That is why many prop firms are serving these potential traders with funds to trade and assisting them in achieving their trading goals.

However, we are seeing quite a buzz about the arrival of a new proprietary firm in the market called FundedNext. FundedNext is launching this March with a surprise for global traders. Intending to publicize, FundedNext is buzzing on social media about their inauguration.


FundedNext claims to provide financial freedom and a risk-free trading experience to skilled traders. And only because of that, they’ll offer up to $4 million in funding via the scale-up plan. For initial capital, FundedNext has a $200,000 balance to offer to their trade enthusiasts.

FundedNext is yet to reveal everything about its funding models. However, as per our research, they have created two funding models for traders having different levels of trading experience. Also, FundedNext is sharing 15% of the profit from the demo phases. This is highly unlikely in comparison to the other proprietary firms in the market. Additionally, FundedNext has touched the peak of sharing the profit of 90% with the traders when they trade with their real funded account.

In order to provide the most efficient client support, FundedNext has posted that they will assign a dedicated account manager to each funded trader. To learn more about FundedNext, please contact their 24/7 active customer support team via social media pages.

As FundedNext hasn’t yet posted its detailed funding programs, traders are really intrigued to see the gradual reveal of this new proprietary firm. We attempted to contact FundedNext customer service directly and asked if they could share any additional information. But with generosity, their members told us to have patience and keep following their social media pages for more updates.

In conclusion, we are quite excited, along with the global traders who are constantly engaging in FundedNext’s Various Social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Recently, FundedNext has uploaded their trailer video as the launching day is getting closer. We are eagerly waiting to give a thorough review immediately after their grand launch into the market. So, till then, keep an eye on FundedNext social media pages and follow us for more updates about the forex industry.

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