FX premiere

FX PREMIERE is a signal service that started in 2010. They source over 50 Signal Sources and send them to their members. They also provide indicators for their clients.

Today, we’re going to review their Forex signal service.

Key Features:

Free Signal:

Telegram channel of fx premiere

FX Premiere gives their trading signals on the Telegram app. They’ve got a channel where they provide 1 signal daily on a trial basis. They’ve currently 13K+ members which are quite low numbers as they claim they’re providing signals since 2010. You can join their free channel here

Trade Analysis : 

trade analysis of fx premiere

FX Premier team provides trade analysis once in a while. But that doesn’t explain much and also the charts are really complicated to read. Also, they do not provide any analysis on their youtube channel. 

VIP group :

They also have a VIP Telegram channel for their paid members. They claim that they provide 15-20 signals for their premium members. But they’ve never shared any results of those signals on their free channel or website which makes a big question on their expertise.  

FX premiere vip.jpg

Customer Testimonial : 

The client feedback is not very positive. 

Fx premier review

Customer Support:


They do not have any live chat support on their website. Also, there’s no mail to contact them. You can contact them only on Telegram from 9 AM-11 PM Switzerland time frames which quite inconvenient.

Additional features:

FX Premiere Forex Affiliate Program


Conclusion :

FX Premiere is not demonstrating its alleged success rate through independently tested trading results, we cannot believe that this is a good product to use. Their website is not well designed and you can’t find much information about their service. Also, their support is very bad.

Our Rating

Strategy: 4/10

Result: 3.1/10

Client Feedback: 2.5/10

Customer Support: 2/10

Average Rating: 2.9

If you have anything you would like to add here for FX Premiere Review, please leave comments below there. We appreciate any feedback.

6 thoughts on “FX Premiere Review 2023 | Forex Signals Reviews”
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