FX Scalper X is originally created to do software-based automated forex trading. Many traders including me wanted to know about their service. So, I thought a review on them would give us a clear idea of their trading performance.

As we go through the FX Scalper X website, we find no background of any traders or any members of this service team. The website looks very unprofessional and gloomy at the same time. They didn’t even inform anything about the origin of the software they use. They did mention using robots to do analytical and trading processes but didn’t even provide any valid proof to justify how it is done. 

After witnessing this lack of transparency, I can see why I’m finding it hard to fully trust this service with my life.

Let’s find out what this service has got to offer us and how good it is for recommending to others.

FX Scalper X offers & trading support materials

FX scalper X pricing

The subscription plans they offer are quite expensive to begin with for any newbie trader. With all that tacky-looking website and seemingly unrealistic trading screenshots, how can a beginner trust this service with the expensive trading plan? It will be better if a 1-month free trial is offered to test their service. In that way, we can at least know if it is trustworthy and reliable or not. 

It is very disappointing to find no live chat support and educational tutorials on their site, to help provide enough guidance to traders. 


Invalid Claims

This page shows FX Scalper X still has the old version but no new details did we get in Myfxbook about its new version updates.

One big flaw I noticed from their site is that they mentioned earning $100K-$150Kin 2020, but in their Myfxbook account, it shows they had zero growth rate in October 2020. This one fact is an eye-opening factor that invalidates all their claims so far.

FX scalper X myfxbook

It is quite suspicious to find their Myfxbook account link from the FAQs section on their website, which should appear on the front web pages. Their Myfxbook results are supposed to be the pride of their service to show it off as one of their accomplishments. So, why did they put it in disguise at the end of the website? I have no answer to this question.

FX scalper X features

If you visit their website, you’ll find that they mostly show profit results in screenshots but did not find any real evidence on the Myfx Blue website.

Myfxbook link:


Customer Testimonial

We visited Trustpilot but unfortunately, we found no reviews there to speak about it. Again, the same thing is noticed on their official website. 

They have a free channel filled with MT4 screenshots but I found no proof of their actual customer responses anywhere. The only real feedback you can get is from their telegram channel. They don’t promptly respond to any of my queries on their telegram channel.

No customer reviews are found to justify their performance. Their customer testimonial has no real authenticity to prove its existence to the general public.

Final Analysis

It is really disappointing to see so many drawbacks of this signal service provider but we do need more evidence to see how proficient they are in reality.

Unfortunately, no real customer feedback is there to judge how their service actually performs and we cannot trust the testimonials on their site without any verification.

Their MyFXBook account is not transparent at all. It looks fake in every way as it does not match with what they claim.

The most disappointing part is their website has nothing good of any valid information.

We definitely cannot recommend them with 100% certainty, after witnessing such solid drawbacks from most parts of their service.


Our Rating : 

Strategy: 1/10

Result: 1/10

Client Feedback: 3/10

Customer Support: 0/10

Average Rating: 1

If you have anything you would like to add here for FX Scalper X Review, please leave comments below there. We appreciate any feedback.

10 thoughts on “FX Scalper X Review | Is it Scam Robot ?”
  1. Scam scam scam… After using this bot for several months.. FX Scalper X had blowed my $500 ac for Lot of 0.02.. after I connect with support he told me pls use recommend settings. Which is 0.01 lot. Again blowed account.

    Then I try for XXX for 1 month it’s gave me 30% profit on recommend settings but in sudden trades went in to drawdown being using martingale type strategies $1000 account got blown.

    Then given try to XX first 3 trades went into 2% profit each.. then next 8 trades went into 10% loss each.

    He is sharing only profit screenshots on his telegram channels which are traded on not recommended settings. I thing who shared all profits on not recommended settings with him, they will blow there account in very short of time.

    I am the person who lost almost $4000 with this bot.

    I know this bot gives u a profit in initial stage. But if your trade got stuck in drawdown then no one will save your account. This bot is not made for drawdown.

  2. I ran it in a demo account and at the same time I back tested the EA in the same currency and Time frame. The performance and operation was completely difference. In the back test, it will open order while the price move to the opposite direction for 0.1 to 0.2 pips and would take profit for 1.5 to 1.6 pips . In the demo account, it wouldn’t. It is strange.

  3. no customer service at all.

    bought the one year license hoping to be profitable in forex
    but no clear improvement
    did a test on a demo account but account blew
    they do have a money back policy but till now no response from them
    its been a month till now

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