The Best Forex Expert Advisor in the Market

Do you believe in profiting without any effort? Are you looking for a forex trading solution that will ensure a consistent profit with ZERO effort? Then this Expert Trader review post is just for you.

The Mega Trader Expert Advisor is a new success story for all the traders using the service. The traders’ profits have skyrocketed as a result of this automated trading bot. Seeing a lot of positive reviews and people asking for a general overview of the service, Mega Trader EA, led us to start this section with a review of the EA itself!


MegaFX and its Expert Advisor

MegaFX Signals has been serving retail forex traders by providing lucrative trading signals for currency pairs, indices, and commodities. While working with the trading market for years and searching for better trading solutions, the MegaFX team launched their Expert Advisor on December 18th, 2020. 

Within less than half a year of existence in the forex industry, Mega Trader EA is currently serving 3208 (+-) people and the number is growing every day.

MegaEA’s Performance Outcome?

  • In the third week of March (latest update), Mega EA gained +656.5 pips by executing 9106 trades. And from this, the bot managed to earn a profit of $482.74. So, if you had a $1000 trading account, you would have made a $482 profit in a week using the Mega Trader Expert Advisor.
  • In 2022, Mega Trader EA had 12.09% account growth in January. In February of 2022, the EA users’ accounts grew by 18.06%. And by the 3 trading weeks of March, Mega Trader EA has already achieved 9%+ account growth.
  • The Mega Trader EA always trades on the most liquid pairs in the forex market. The most traded currencies in March 2022 were GBP/USD (61.2%) and EUR/USD (48.3%). On average, 77% to 97% of the time, Mega EA wins the trades.
  • In 2021, the Mega EA’s accuracy rate was 95.8% (win rate), making 6902 trades throughout the year.
  • The Mega Trader EA executes an average of 600 to 700 trades per month, taking 65 to 75 lots.
  • It is plausible to gain 12–20% account growth at a high-risk level and 6–12% at a medium risk level. However, you can easily grow your account by 3% to 6% with a low-risk level of trades. The return and drawdown are determined by the level of risk you prefer.

You should know that the growth and drawdown of your account can change based on the market and a lot of other things in your broker account.

What is the uniqueness of the Mega Trader EA?

In order to ease the traders’ trading journey, especially for part-time/ novice traders, many forex service providers are creating their own personalized Expert Advisors.

Then why would you choose Mega Trader EA?

Because of its consistency. For traders who are hoping to earn a profit from trading as a side income source, there are certain factors that they should consider while choosing an Expert Advisor. Initially, traders do not want to blow their accounts under the supervision of an automated bot. Also, for beginners, it’s a chance to learn and earn at the same time by investing their initial balance. In the meantime, it will help to grow your account gradually, and in the meantime, you can learn how to trade manually.

Nonetheless, it is clear that traders want to profit, but there is a question. 

If you were a trader, what would you choose? A drastic profit in two trading days? Or would you prefer a consistent profit from a bot? A bot that will gradually and consistently make money for you without you having to do anything.

Consistent profit seems more rational and plausible for profit, doesn’t it?

You are absolutely right. And that is why Mega Trader EA has been doing so well since its launch.

What Features Does Mega EA Offer?

The Mega Trader EA is built with an advanced algorithm that constantly scrutinizes the forex market volume and trend to dig out the best and most profitable trades in the market. According to the bots’ analysis, Mega EA places trades that bring the most profit with minimal risk. The automated bot modifies the trades as required to maximize profit gain.

Some of the features of Mega Trader EA,

  • Advanced algorithm
  • Minimal risk.
  • Investments are diversified by using multiple accounts.
  • Trading is completely automated.
  • Zero profit share
  • Easy to use and a one-time setup
  • Freedom to choose a risk strategy
  • A Combination of Grid, Hedging, and Candlestick Patterns
  • Effective on any account balance of $300,000 and $1,000,000
  • Hassle-free and effortless trading
  • Compatible with most brokers
  • 24/5 Trading Operation
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

How to use the Mega Trader Expert Advisor?

MegaFX has built the most user-friendly application. To use the EA, you just need to follow a few basic steps and nothing more.

To use Mega Trader EA, you need to,

  • Subscribe to the pricing plan according to your choice.
  • This will direct you to the MegaFX customer support team, where you will get all the files and proceed further to connect your account with the Expert Advisor.
  • The support team will also provide their personal VPS. With the help of VPS, you do not have to keep your trading device active for 24/5 trading days.
  • Our most experienced professionals will provide recommendations based on your account balance and link your account with several EAs, ensuring the best possible outcome for your account.
  • Set the application on your trading account, select your preferable parameters, and use Mega Traders’ VPS or your own VPS to trade manually.
  • Enjoy a free VPS for 2-6 months, which will reduce the need for any intervention. Using MegaFX’s VPS service to receive MegaEA service is the most cost-effective and comprehensive option. As a result, using their VPS service is the ideal option for you. Nothing will be expected of you. Their professional assistance will take care of everything.

That is it. 
From then on, you do not need to do anything but wait for the result of profits every trading day. 

What are the Mega Trader EA Plans?

There are two kinds of accounts that MegaFX offers. 

Screenshot 24

People’s Feedback

The Mega Trader Expert Advisor has a 4.8 rating on Forex Peace Army, the site from which we have been influenced to write about it. This is a remarkable rating from the traders of the forex community.


Traders using Mega EA have been posting so many positive reviews on the review sites. On Trustpilot, traders post about the Mega Expert Advisor under the MegaFX Signals channel, which has an average rating of 4.5.

So, what do you think? Is the Mega Trader Expert Advisor worth a shot?

The choice is yours.

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