If you are looking for a smooth and breathtaking experience on a prop firm’s website, you should visit Ment Funding. This relatively new prop firm has been serving traders with the biggest funding capital, $1 million. They have gained a massive reputation for offering flexible trading opportunities to global traders. Let’s look deep into Ment Funding and their model structure.

Ment Funding was founded by a professional trader, an educator who has his own YouTube channel for forex trading guides. Here is the Youtube channel. The founder of this channel and the prop firm is Anton,(here is the email address- antonjerecalmes@gmail.com). 

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This prop firm was founded in the second half of 2021 in the United States. Initially, the firm targeted mostly the traders among its followers. But as the firm grew its reputation, thousands of traders have been joining this firm ever since. 


  • $1 Million Funded Account
  • No minimum trading days
  • 10% Account Growth
  • Very Simple Funding Model
  • You can withdraw anytime
  • Good Reputation


  • Lack of Communication opportunity
  • Expensive Funding Model
  • No Weekend Holding
  • Mandatory SL setup
  • Limited Lot Size
  • Underrated in the Prop Industry

Ment Funding has one of the best websites in the prop firm industry. However, all of the best proprietary trading firms are catching up to the game to provide the smoothest customer experience. But this prop firm has surely grabbed our attention due to their beautiful website design. 
On this one page, you can find all the information that you need to get funded. From their core structure, the funding model, their vision, and their performance, all are in one place. 

Video Review

Offered Accounts

Ment Funding is offering one kind of account with six different account balances. 

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There is just a 1-step Evaluation Challenge where only 10% profit is the target. This is one of the easiest challenges that any prop trader could ask for. On top of that, they have no minimum trading day restrictions. Traders must maintain a 4% daily loss and a 5% overall loss limit throughout their journey. 


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Profit Share

Ment Funding is offering a 75% to 25% profit split between the traders and the company. 


There are some strict rules to maintain with Ment Funding. 
1. You must set Stop Loss in every trade you take. Otherwise, it will be automatically closed. 
2. You cannot hold weekends on your trading. Before the full week’s assessment, all the trades will be closed.
3. Limited Lot Size
However, you can mitigate these strict rules in one way. Here is how,

Scale-up/ Upgrade Plan

1. Increase your total balance by 5% and you will be eligible to increase your max lot size.

2. Grow your funded account by 10%. You can withdraw the weekend holdings.
– Along with that, you will no longer have any Stop Loss restriction.

3. If you grow your account by 25%, you will receive 1:20 leverage to trade in.
– You can max your lot size as well in this case.

Withdrawal & Payout Options

You can withdraw your profit whenever you like. You need to send an email to mentfunding@propaccount.com and ask for a withdrawal. 

Payment Options: Deel account, wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Coinbase, Revolut, ACH and other popular methods.

Customer Support

This is one of the definite downfalls of Ment Funding. There is no chance of direct communication. They have only an Instagram platform open for the traders to talk on. And only if you are a trader of theirs can you communicate with them. 

Users’ Review

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So here is all the information you need to know about Ment Funding. If you are looking for a big funding in capital with a confinement of your trading strategy, then this prop firm is just for you. We would recommend all this quite underrated prop firm to take a test and try for yourself.

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