Priceaction Forex Ltd is a Forex signals service provider who started their journey by providing Forex signals. Later, they expanded their business by providing indices, commodities, crypto and scalping signals. They also have an automatic trading solution which is called Algo copy trading.

Today, we’re going to review their Forex signal service.

Key Features

Free Signal

PriceAction team provides their trading signals on the Telegram app. They have a community of 350+K members where they provide 1-2 free signals. If you want to test their free signals, you can join their free channel 

After going through their free channel, we found out that They give details of every trade they take including Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. They say that their weekly target is 1000 pips so that their client can profit regardless of their account size.

We have previously tested their free signal on a demo account and it worked perfectly.

Free Projection 

PriceAction team provides trade projections every day which proves their efficiency in trading. Almost every projection they provide is very accurate. Here’s one example:


VIP group 

They also have a VIP Telegram channel for their paid members. Their VIP members get 5-8 quality signals every day. They help all their VIP members with their money management. Also, they provide some exclusive offers only to their VIP members.

priceaction telegram

They have 5 paid signal subscription plans. You can avail of their VIP subscription from 1month to 12 months. And they also provide lifetime VIP membership.

Vip membership

Trade analysis 

After taking a trade, PriceAction team provides analysis on their trades to educate their clients. You can check out their Youtube channel and also their website for that analysis.

priceactionltd youtube channel


To educate their website visitors, they have a blog section which they keep updated almost every day. Here’s the blog link 

Trading Results

Another thing that we liked about them is that they share all the signal results on their free channel which shows transparency.

priecactionltd pips


Customer Testimonial

Here are some written and video testimonials collected from their website. You can find the testimonials on their free group as well.

priceactionltd client testimonial priceactionltd customer testimonial 1


Additional features

Ebook:  PriceAction team is promoting two eBooks. For newbie traders, they’re offering ‘LEARN WITH PAFX’ which costs $4.99. And to educate trading analysis, they’re providing another book called ‘THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FOREX TRADING’ which costs $19.99.

Indicator: Recently, they’ve launched an indicator called ‘PAFX SECRET INDICATOR’. This indicator can help you trade more efficiently by identifying the most accurate buying opportunity.

Signal Copier: Another new addition from this team was a signal copier which most of the traders love. It’s easier to copy signals you want.

Lot Calculator: For newbie traders, they have a lot size calculator so that anyone can measure how much lot one should take before trading.

Pip Calculator: This calculator lets you know how much money you can make from a trade.


As per our research, we are really impressed with how they provide value to their community members. We’ve tested their free signals on our demo account and the signals are very much accurate. They claim that their support is available 24/7 which is correct. We have contacted them and we must say, they have an active support team which is quite impressive.

Also, we feel that as they’re providing so many valuable resources for their clients it shows that they’re here to stay in the market for a long time.

Our Rating : 

Strategy: 8/10

Result: 9/10

Client Feedback: 8/10

Customer Support: 9/10

Average Rating: 8.5

If you have anything you would like to add here for Priceaction Forex Ltd review, please leave comments below there. We appreciate any feedback.

16 thoughts on “PriceAction Forex Ltd Signals Review A to Z | Forex Signals Review”
  1. I’m new in this market, have been trading for 7 months. I gained a lot of knowledge from your ebook, analysis.And even earned with your signals.

  2. I joined your free channel 3 monhs and I used to test your free signals on demo account. The results are positive and accurate. I joined ur VIP immediately after my first deposit because your performace are very accurate

  3. I am so happy that i stumbled across this site. I was looking to learn about forex trading during the pandemic.Their market analysis and other insights have also helpful for me.

  4. This was my first time using Forex signals and my experience has been a pleasure. The choice of Forex signals was excellent and their customer service is good.

  5. I highly appreciate the transparency of price action. I am a member of the Telegram community for signals. I receive up to 5-8 signals per day, as well as several free projections.

  6. Trade copier and their account trading management is great. I really like their way of trading, there is no overtrading, no draw down, all trades are profitable. Recommended.

    1. The trade copier works like an EA? Can you describe how it actually works? I still don’t get it. Thanks!

  7. If you take a look at the Telegram group (free or VIP), it is pretty obvious that these guys are not amateurs. They regularly send out trading articles, analysis, and market updates.

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