Most prop firms offer scaleup plans to the traders who are funded to increase their profit earning opportunities consistently. But this scaleup plan is set for only those eligible traders who can meet all the assigned requirements. E8 Funding is one of the prop firms that offers some unique scale-up plans to its prop traders to grow their profit earnings. 

What is a Scale-up Plan?

Scale-up means scaling up your account balance to a fixed percentage on every fixed date to increase the profit earning. Suppose you have signed up for a $100,000 account and are earning an 80% profit. After scaling up to 20%, which means your initial capital will become $120,000. Imagine if you could earn 5% from a $100,000 account. It adds up to $5,000. With only a 20% increment of your capital, you will have $120,000. So then after scaleup, you can earn 5% of $120,000, which is $6,000. A whole $1,000 extra profit.

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What does E8 Funding: Scale-up offer?

E8 Funding has two funding programs, E8 Account and ELEV8 Account.

1. You can scale up your account every month.
2. Earn 16% profit in a month. 
3. Withdraw money after a month.
4. Before withdrawal, the subtotal amount you had will be your initial capital from the next month.

For example, you have a $100,000 account and after a month of live trading, you have earned a 20% profit. Now the balance is a total of $120,000. You withdraw $18,000, which is an 18% profit. So supposedly, your next initial balance would be $120,000-$18,000=$102,000.
But this is not the case with E8 Funding. After withdrawing the profit, your account balance will be $120,000 in total instead of $102,000. 

5. After the new account balance ($120,000), your daily deposit loss (5%) will be the same, but the initial deposit loss (8%) will increase in parallel with the scale-up capital.

For example, you have $100,000 as your initial balance. Your initial deposit loss will be 8%, which means you cannot lose more than $8,000. But, after scaling up to $120,000, your initial deposit loss will be increased to 9%. (1% increment of the initial deposit loss in every scaleup). 

6. Until the initial deposit loss reaches 14%, you can keep scaling up your funding capital. Which means you can scale up your account six times before it reaches the limit. 

Here is all the information that you need to know about the E8 Funding Scale-up plan. 

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