In the forex market, a new scammer has been discovered. Recently, many of our readers asked us to review a site called SCAMWATCHER.ORG At first, we thought this is a very helpful site for many but what we have found has shocked us.

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SCAMWATCHER.ORG approaches investors who have been scammed or whose investments have failed, promising to assist them to recover their funds. They usually don’t explain how the money will be recovered, or if they do, the explanation is likely to be false or unrealistic. SCAMWATCHER fraudulently claims to be the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or to be working with the government, police, or other regulators to reclaim any funds that have been lost. Before performing any services to recover any customer losses, SCAMWATCHER.ORG demands high fees.

How Does SCAMWATCHER.ORG Push You to Their trap?

SCAMWATCHER ORG is continuously attempting to rip off traders who have already lost money by getting scammed or flopped. To get your attention quickly and trap you, they regularly run advertisements that include the names of legitimate and regulated forex service providers, such as brokers and signal providers.

They would influence you by providing you with money-recovery success stories, which you would have no means of verifying. They would never give you anything that could be verified. SCAMWATCHER.ORG would use dirty tricks to convince you to use their service after gaining your interest.

Check SCAMWATCHER.ORG’s Trustpilot Review

Trustpilot is considered to be one of the most legit platforms for user reviews. To validate any claim regarding any forex trading issues, you must check two sites, one is and the other one is You can get transparent Forex Broker and Signal legitimacy reviews there. Apart from that, ForexCNN also publishes reviews on various forex service providers based on a comprehensive investigation; you should look at those as well to get a good understanding.

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We are validating the fraudulence of SCAMWATCHER.ORG based on our comprehensive investigation and study and would like to advise our readers who trade on the market to stay away from a recovery room scammer like them.

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