If you trade regularly, then you must know that there are times when you miss many profitable trades within the blink of an eye. And most importantly, if you receive forex signals from any provider, you will not want to miss trades. Unless you are a FULL-TIME Trader, it’s difficult to keep track of all your received signals on Telegram and copy them, paste them on your MT4/MT5 platform, and execute them. Firstly, you can easily miss many trades, and secondly, it takes a lot of time to copy and execute your trades manually. As you know, many instruments, like indices or commodities markets move very fast.

To resolve such issues, many companies or trade experts have developed Copier, an Automated bot that copies signals from Telegram and executes them on your trading platform automatically. With the help of a Copier, you will barely miss any trades and won’t have to invest long hours in trading.
One of such amazing tools is developed by TelegramFXCopier.io, a universal Copier that can copy signals from any forex signal provider on Telegram, not just one or two, but as many as you want.
We have bought a TelegramFX Copier and used it for four trading weeks, and thus far, we are pleased with their services. There are definitely losses, but the profit gains are way greater and can easily mitigate the losses.

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1. Download the Copier for $549.99 (Discount is available)
2. Put your phone number and trading account in the software
3. On Telegram, they’ll give you a code to activate the software 
4. After activation, you’ll see all the signal provider telegram groups on the software dashboard
5. It duplicates your MT4 or MT5 platform and runs it on the chart

Screenshot 20

Copier Features

1. It backtests the copied signals and executes them accordingly. 
2. Executes all commands given by the provider regardless of the language.
3. Backtest can move automatically SL following the strategy given in the settings.
4. It executes all orders with different TP’s given by the provider
5. You can specify the percentage of the total lot size for each TP to control your risk and maximise profit.
6. Their backtest supports modification signals (close, close partially, modification of TPs, modification of SL, etc.).
7. Avoids telegram messages that do not contain signals.


1. This Software only works on Windows system (Laptop or VPS)
2. High Pricing

Users’ Review

They have quite a good reputation of different review sites;

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Screenshot 22
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