The Funded Trader Program, a relatively new proprietary trading company that was established in June 2021, is now one of the firms with the quickest growth rate in the sector. The Funded Trader is well-known among a large number of traders throughout the world as it provides funding capital of up to $400,000. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been long since the company was established, this proprietary trading firm has the remarkable potential to overpower many giants in the years to come.

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The Funded Trader Program is based in the United States, and it currently works with a substantial number of traders from all over the world. The founders of The Forex League, a forex signals provider, and VVS Academy launched this prop firm. They are affiliated with EightCap on the MT4 and MT5 platforms, in addition to the MT4 platform used by Purple Trading.

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Offered Accounts

There are a total of three different types of accounts available with The Funded Trader Program. There are three kinds of accounts with The Funded Trader Program, and of the two kinds under the first two account types, they are Swing and Regular Accounts.

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Every kind of account has two different challenge stages that must be completed before the account can be considered funded. You have a total of 20 trading weeks to complete both of the tasks. The following is an overview of the rules that must be met in order for your eligibility to be evaluated for a funding opportunity.


Profit Share

The Funded Trader Program does not provide any traders with a share of the profit made during the challenge phase. To be eligible for a profit, in contrast to FundedNext or MyForexFunds, you are required to first pass the assessment stages and earn the funded account before you can start profiting. A profit share of 80% is offered via the Funded Trader Program, which may be increased to 90% under scaling-up.

Pricing Plan

Rapid Pricing
Rapid Pricing
Royal Pricing
Royal Pricing


Standard account withdrawal
Standard account withdrawal
Royal withdrawal
Royal account withdrawal
Rapid withdrawal
Rapid account withdrawal

Scale-up Plan

They are recognizing the expertise of the traders by awarding a scaled-up amount of $1.5 million. You are required to increase your account balance by 6% during the first three trading months if you have a Standard or Royal Account. After every three-monthly payment, your account balance will increase by a total of 25%.

Every time a Rapid account earns a profit split of more than 10% of the account’s initial balance, the account’s starting amount will be increased by 10%.

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The Funded Trader offers educational materials and assistance in live sessions. This prop firm was founded by a group who previously worked in the forex market to educate traders and provide forex trading signals. Therefore, it is natural to assume that the educational materials they provide will meet the mark you have set.

After reading this, you must be wondering whether or not the pricing plan is too costly for you to even consider investing in. The time has come to share some very exciting news with you. Your experience with The Funded Trader will be enhanced with the help of algorithmic trading strategies provided by Expert Advisor bots. We would love to recommend you take a glimpse of this new prop firm if you are considering starting now.

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