Among the many forex signal copiers in the market, the Local Trade Copier is one of the most popular in the traders’ community. This copier can copy trades from one mother account to an unlimited account within a second. 

The Local Trade Copier was developed by Rimantas Petrauskas, a professional trade expert, back in 2010. Since then, the Local Trade Copier has gained a consistent reputation among the users. This bot is very simple to install and use, and it has a comparatively cheap price. You can be affiliated with any broker in the market, and the Local Trade Copier will copy your trade from one account to another.
You can trade with multiple accounts, taking different risks at the same time. This copy works for the prop firm traders as well. You need to have one master account from where the copier will copy the trade into your multiple prop firm accounts. 

Features of the Local Trade Copier

1. You can trade in multiple accounts at the same time.
2. You can manage your risks across various accounts based on your preferences.
3. If you are a prop trader, you can use this bot as well.
4. There are no external programs or software needed to run this bot.
5. Very affordable

Pricing of the Local Trade Copier

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Here are the steps to follow,

Step 1

– Install several MetaTrader 4 platforms on your PC. This is doable on any Windows-based – desktop PC, laptop, or virtual private server.
– Start, configure, and log in to each MT4 account on a separate Metatrader platform.
– For copy trading to work, all MT4 platforms must be active at all hours.
– All MT4 platforms must be installed on the same machine.

Step 2

– Every trade you make on this account will be replicated to other accounts by the Local Trade Copier.
– Set up the LTC Server EA.
– Restart MT4 or reload the Navigator window.
– You can have an unlimited number of MT4 Master accounts.

Step 3

– Choose which MT4 accounts to use as Client accounts. Every trade you execute on the Master account will be forwarded to them.

Step 4

– Start a unique EURUSD chart and add the Client EA to it. To proceed, click OK. The client EA requires a license key.
– LTC Server EA will start monitoring your MT4 Master account for new trades or modifications to existing trades and will send them to all MT4 Client accounts on the same computer.

Step 5

– Start a unique EURUSD chart and add the Client EA to it. To proceed, click OK. The client EA does not require a licence key.
– Once started, the LTC Client EA will begin monitoring continuously for any server EAs running on the same computer for new trades and will immediately duplicate them to match accounts.

Step 6

– Perform a “Pending Order Copy Test” on each instrument on which you intend to trade. That is the best way to see if a trade copier functions effectively on each MT4 account.

Customers’ Review

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This is a very affordable and easy-to-use trade copier that can be very handy if you want to profit a lot within a short time. However, there are some cons as well, if you consider gaining something big. We would highly recommend using this bot for global trades.

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