Founded by Yu Song, an experienced trading expert, back in 2015, BLUFX is one of the most underrated porous firms in the industry. Despite its extensive market experience, it remains unpopular among traders due to its low offers and profit sharing with them. It only allows traders on the CTrader platform to trade with them.

Core Features

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After a long break, we are back again with another prop firm review, BluFX, that offers no demo trading and a $1 million scale-up opportunity.

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The company was first launched in 2015, but when it was rebranded on June 14, 2017, the firm started to onboard international traders from around the world. BluFX is located at 1A Old Bond Street, London, and has a registered office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Offering only 1:3 leverage, and being affiliated with an STP broker, BluFX shares 50% of the profits that a trader makes with them.

Offered Accounts

BluFX is offering two kinds of accounts: normal and swap.
In each account type, there are four kinds of account balances.

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Each account type also has Steady and Rapid Growth options.

The main difference between the Rapid Growth Plan and the Steady Growth Plan is that the Steady Growth Plan has more stages in order to reach the $1 million Fund Manager account at a slower pace.

The Rapid Growth plan requires that the trader achieve and maintain a 10% profit target at each stage to grow the account in four stages.

The Steady Growth plan allows you to withdraw 5% of your 10% profit target and maintain the other 5% in the account to grow the account in six stages.

Profit Share

Traders can earn only 50% of the profit they make with BluFX.


The cost of BluFX accounts is pretty expensive.

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Payout and Withdrawal

To be eligible for payout, traders must earn 5% profit. But as they charge the subscription fees monthly, when you request the 5% profit withdrawal, your subscription needs to be active. If your subscription expires after you request it, you will still receive the profit withdrawal.

Payout methods: Deel, PerfectMoney, USDT and UK, NIgerian, Indian, Pakistan and Indonesia local bank transfers.

Users Feedback

People have very mixed feelings about them. Due to their low profit share and stagnating scaleup opportunity, as a high monthly subscription fees with no refund, People have a very difficult time trading with them.

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