Zero to Hero is a familiar name in the forex signal service industry. Although, unlike most others, they just provide daily forex signals and no other services, they have earned quite a reputation in the industry already. 

Founded in 2018 by a professional trader, Bert (Telegram- @GPM_Forexadmin), Zero to Hero is serving 26k+ traders worldwide. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals offers traders a complete trading experience through Telegram, email, and SMS. Several subscription plans for the service begin at $95/monthly. The lead trader has over ten years of market expertise and wants to assist other traders in their trading endeavours.



1.  Receive 2 to 8 forex signals daily.

2.  Monthly aim of 300 pips

3.  4 years of strong and steady performance.

4.  Money back guarantee is valid for 60 days.

1.  Not providing free signals

2.  According to monthly subscription

3.  High cost

4.  Insufficient knowledge of the Forex market and its operation

5.  Insufficient knowledge of various currency pairings

6.  Lack of expertise in identifying indicators

7.  Some calls are being held for too long, resulting in losses

8.  There is no explanation behind trading

9.  Historical performance is mostly unproven

Core Features

2. 4-10 forex signals per day
4. 10 Years Experience
5. Send Entry Price, Stop Loss, and Take Profit 
6. Information will be sent via Telegram app, email and SMS

Zero to Hero Pricing Plan

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Contact with Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero Signals has many social media sites. They can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as via email at The firm does not reveal the location of its offices.

Is Zero to Hero a Scammer?

The firm seems to operate secretly. It is unsettling and cannot be seen as a genuine pursuit. In addition, we do not know the responsiveness of their client service. Additionally, the firm lacks registration or regulatory paperwork, making it difficult to determine whether or not they are legitimate.

Customer Response

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